Looking back & giving back

At the end of the year, we look back on all the things that happened (and are flabbergasted to realize another 12 months flew by). For me (Annemieke) the highlight of 2017 was to start MikiMedia. Every day I walk to the office with a big smile on my face, knowing that I do what I love and that I help others at the same time!

Our main goal is helping companies tell their stories and supporting them in creating excellent customer experiences. To practice what we preach means that MikiMedia itself needs to create awesome customer experiences too... 

We started only 3 months ago, but there are people and companies who gave us opportunities right from the start. And they deserve to feel special, because that’s what they are to us! So, what are we going to do for them?

Our tagline is: “Enabling people and companies to BE social” (rather than ‘doing social’), so what's a better way to emphasize this by contributing to a cause for this holiday season? A contribution that is possible because we had clients right from the beginning! 

So, instead of sending a lot of postcards and presents, we donated money to support the work of our friend Martina, who currently is a volunteer in Kenya. Martina works at a center in Kitangela that supports women, affected by HIV, in providing counseling and guidance. The main objective is to empower these women through income generating projects, education and skill training. 

Martina wrote: "Being here has made me very humble again. I came here with big ideas on how to help and had to realize that I needed to scale my ideas down because the needs at this stage are so much more basic. Who goes to school or training courses when they don't have food, clothes or soap? How can you learn to become a tailor when there is no material to stitch. How do you learn jewelry making without beads and tools? Most ladies live in sheds that are 10 x 10 feet and you count their possessions with two hands. But regardless, they will smile at you and look happy despite their tough circumstances. So if you want to make difference to someone, you can. Because there is always a need for food, clothes, tooth brushes, sanitary pads, exercise books, stitching material...or simply paying rent for the center facility." 

From the bottom of our heart we say: “Thank you for your share in the smooth start of MikiMedia and for your contribution to helping out the women in Kitangela. We wish you happy holidays and we hope to be able to keep giving back in the new year!” 

Annemieke (founder of MikiMedia)

If you are interested in contributing to Martina’s work, you can find more information here